Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Night to Remember

Tonight was a night of remembrance for this blogger. My day with the ILC began with a rush from school at 2:08 PM to get dressed and present at the El Cerrito Plaza Bart Station by 5:00 PM. Well after I went to my grandparents' house and got all dressed up, my mom and I headed to the Bart station. Since we got to the station thirty minutes early I decided to take a much needed ten minute power nap, before I got out the car. When 5:00 o'clock came around everyone was just about there and ready to go.

After Don explained the plans for the night, he received a call that would force him to catch up with us later. After the situation everyone boarded the Bart train and we were all on are way to the city of San Francisco. While we were on the train my mother, Kim's mom, and Mr. Mannix discussed what we would experience while away in July all the way to San Francisco. After we got off the train we had some of the worst luck trying to get cabs. It delayed our trip to the restaurant about 20 minutes, but as soon as Loan called a cab company all of a sudden like out of thin air cabs appeared. First to go was Kim, her mother, and Mr. Mannix. Next was Mr. Ramsey, my mother, and I to head to the restaurant.

When we arrived it was the second or third building from the corner. I paid the taxi driver like instructed, and received a receipt for the ten dollar ride. Since it was my first time in a taxi I didn't understand that the small cards the driver gave me were receipts. I had mistaken them for business cards and I didn't realize that the driver had to fill them out until Mr. Ramsey instructed me to go to the front of the cab so the driver could fill out the small card. After getting my first job done, I walked into a restaurant that was filled with candles and dimmed lighting. All the waiters and waitresses greeted us,  and then everyone mingled and chatted as Mr. Ramsey set our seating arrangements. After the seating was arranged, every one took their seats and began to meet each other. At my table I had a male named John who is a Vanderbilt alumni and he is also one of the people who interviewed me for the Vanderbilt ILC program.
Caught the ILC a little off guard, including my mom to the right during dinner.

While passing the time waiting for everyone to arrive my mom played twenty- one questions with John about the Vanderbilt experience. She actually had more than me to ask, because usually she is the quiet one. After the majority of the people arrived we received word from Ms. Kronenberg that Don will be arriving in a while after all, which was amazing. 

After about ten or so minutes Don arrived and the night was ready to begin. First to speak on the night was Ms. Kronenberg; she would be introducing all the Vanderbilt attendees, the alumni, the sponsors, former attendees,  and of course the show runners ( herself, Don, and Mr. Ramsey.) The next to speak was I. The whole night I was sort of nervous, but by now I had gotten use to the public speaking from numerous events, and I just saw my speech as a debate but not as intense. Also it really did help with the flow of my speech not reading off of a piece of paper, but what a load off my mind after I gotten my speech over. Last to speak was Mr. Ramsey who really commanded my attention with his passionate speech about us being the future and what not.

After spreading the love and thanks with our speeches everyone began to receive food. First was a small spoon full of brazed (slightly cooked and thinly sliced) lamb, which I've never tried before. It was chewy and not how I prefer my meat which I do prefer well done, but it was well-seasoned. But by far the best dish of the night was the meal entree its self. This entree had some of the most succulent, tender, well seasoned, and best beef tenderloin I have ever had. I mean the meat just melted in your mouth. The second best dish of the night was a brownie cake with chocolate fudge as the filling, drizzled with caramel around the bowl. 

Before everyone left, Don rushed all of the Vanderbilt attendees and alumni together to take a picture in a very small corner. Then everyone got in cabs heading to the Civic Center Bart station and we all caught Bart back to El Cerrito, except Mr. Mannix who got off at an Oakland area. While we were on the Bart heading home my mom was doing what she does best, soaking up knowledge about college from Don. By the time we got off Bart it was 11:00 PM and every one was exhausted and ready to hit the hay. Everyone then said their good byes and took the long tired trip home. This night was truly a night to reminisce about in future encounters. 

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