Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Making Pinole Proud

Tuesday May 15th at 6:00 PM I attended the city of Pinole's council meeting. When I first arrived at   the Pinole City Hall it was around 5:40 PM, which meant I had some time to explore a new foreign land until we started. When I first arrived the city hall, it was completely empty it was like an old western bar movie scene. When I began to look around I noticed a lot of old town Pinole pictures on the wall. Most of which were all dirt and tee-pees, and it really amazed me how Pinole looked before buildings and schools were built. After about five minutes of roaming around, the people started to pour in the building as far as Ivy League cohorts go. 

With all of us there except for a few Don gave a brief summary of the agenda and plans for the night. He said that we would state our names, school, former local schools, and the school and course we would be attending. Then he announced the positions for the photo afterwards, where he said the shortest male had to be in the middle on one knee. Of course I had to fight for my position in the photo (Really didn't have to fight, won by default, no other runners up.)  After the battle for my position in the photo he said Vanderbilt will be introduced first. That's when I got a little nervous about being first and had to turn to my professional side quick, especially since I was the closest to the podium out of all my Vanderbilt cohorts. At least I didn't have to do our speech in front of the council, which I do give major props to Loan Chung for such a great job. 

Before I knew it 7:00 PM hit and we were beginning the meeting. After the council appointed the ILC to speak, Don began with a wonderful introduction that kicked off the night. When the Vanderbilt cohort was introduced we all got up and made our way towards the podium. I stepped over my mother then adjusted the microphone down just a bit and began, before I knew it I was watching as Loan delivered a heart felt speech. After that, the night just flew by as people who attend Pinole schools, live in Pinole, or just was some how connected to Pinole spoke. 

I didn't realize how much what we were doing meant to the community, until the council members began to explain what we represent. To them we were leaders of the city of Pinole, we were role models for the community. We stood for way more than I could ever think, and it really hit me hard when this man at this hoagie shop was some what proud of me and we had a conversation about the ILC and he knew about it. The whole conversation started because of my suit attire which he recognized and he was just saying with a smile on his face to keep up the good work and how he is proud of me for doing what I do. But to get back on topic we finished the night with pictures of Pinole's ILC members and council. The night ended great and and the city seemed proud of us and what we accomplished. Let's do this for the city of Pinole.

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