Wednesday, May 15, 2013

ILC Put the Fun in School Board Meeting

This evening I have had the chance to attend a school board meeting. School board meeting just screams  "fun" right? Well actually this particular one did. To be honest I would have never thought of ever stepping foot into a school board meeting but I am so happy that I did. The ILC is so great at giving nudges to try new thingsI was pretty nervous about going to this meeting and it did not make it any better the fact that I was the only girl not wearing a skirt or a dress. I'm sure that no one noticed but I felt awkward. For some reason I felt more relaxed(kind of) as more people showed up. I stood around with my cohort as we waited for our chaperone, Mr. Michael Mannix, to show up. 

Anyway I have lived right next to Dejean Middle School, the school where the meeting was held, for some time in the past but I have never been within fifty feet of it. I thought that the school looked very nice and I was surprised because I rarely get to see almost new looking school. The room we were in had a stage where all the board members and staffs sat in a half circle format. There were three cameras around the room and everything looked very official.

So as the meeting started there were a few speakers for the subject of the ILC was brought up and that was where the fun started. All the cohorts got a chance to go up and introduced themselves, chaperones included. It was great and inspiring to hear about all the different thought people had on the ILC and how wonderful it is. I got to see that the ILC really allowed us and everyone to make connections with anyone and everyone involved in it. Although we did not get to meet the donors and supporters personally, I'm glad that we had the chance to show our appreciation to them. It was so great to hear about and meet the past ILC members and their success with their education. Each word that they say make me a little more confident in working towards my goals. And then there was Don's speech which was just very inspiring and fabulous. Ms. Kronenberg and Mr. Ramsey also made some very inspirational speech. This event was so inspirational that I think the god of inspiration should have come to it and took notes.

So all in all the meeting was pretty great and there were lots of laughs here and there and the image of the black and white school board meeting in my mind was brilliantly colored. We all, students and chaperones, even got these nice little certificate that makes everything all official which was cool. And of course it wouldn't be an official ILC milestone event if Don wasn't there to take loads of pictures.  

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