Tuesday, May 21, 2013

One Down Many More To Go

Today was the day of the Pinole City Council Meeting. I had been looking forward to this event but I was pretty nervous because I was chosen to speak for my cohort.

I got to the meeting at 6:00 PM right on the dot, nice and on time. At first I did not see anyone and started to doubt my location. I looked at the big letters on the building several times to make sure I was at the right place even though Don's map showed that it was. My dad, who attended this event and the last with me, and I walked into the building. The lack of people and sounds in the building raised my suspicion a bit more. I spotted a lady in this one dark room and asked her where the chamber was and she showed me the way. I was so relieved when I walked into the chamber and saw everyone sitting quietly and comfortably there. 

The meeting did not start until a bit past 7:00 PM. The meeting room was nicely lit and there were several cameras around the room.

Don gave us an overview of what to do before hand so we were prepared. Luckily for us right when the meeting started, the council members went right to the topic of the ILC. Don gave a wonderful and detailed speech about the ILC and then introduced us, cohort by cohort, to everyone. I was chosen to speak for my cohort and I was super nervous since my brain has a tendency of going flatline when I need it most. But as I gave my incredibly brief speech I felt more confident and was really glad that I got to speak. Soon after everyone else introduced themselves the Council Members congratulated us on being ILC members and wished us a great trip the meeting was paused. Of course as usual, Don took lots of pictures of the ILCers and the Council Members. 

I can't help but think of how much closer we are to summer and to the east coast. I am so excited that I can just explode and those little bits are gonna re-explode. I can't wait for this trip and all the wonderful things that I will get to learn at Vanderbilt.

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  1. You were hand picked to represent your cohort fora reason, Loan, and you did not disappoint.