Thursday, May 30, 2013

Local Hero Eats Dessert

Arriving with my mom at the BART station at 5:01 PM, I was afraid that I was late but thank goodness I was not (I was the last of the Vandy to arrive however). Once everyone arrived and we were ready to leave, Don received some bad news and had to briefly go home and we had to proceed on without him. The BART ride was pretty quite and nothing interesting really happened. A bit of advice to everyone, when going on the BART always sits facing the direction that you are traveling. I faced the opposite direction and got a headache since humans are not used to processing rapid backward movements (or maybe it was just me). 

After exiting the Civic Center station, in San Francisco, we walked for a teeny bit to catch a few cabs. I never had to haul in a cab before but it sure was difficult. We were ignored by all the cabs that drove by and most of them were empty! Ms. Kronenberg informs me that there are shifts change in the taxi industry and those cops were probably going home. We then had to call the cab company and requested some cabs and that still took a while.  I never handled a cab before and it was a great learning experience. We arrived at La Folie at around 6:25 PM.
Ms. Kronenberg, my mom, and I
Jared, the hero, eating chocolate cake
I was seated in front of my mom with Mr. Mannix to my left and a wonderful Vandy alum, Jared Purcell, to my right, Next to my mom was Ms. Kronenberg. Jared graduated from Vanderbilt in 2004 and lived in several places including areas outside of the U.S. He works at Cintas, a fire prevention company, and has been preventing fire since he joined the company ( That's why he is the hero plus he is an ex-military guy). We talked and he told me about two great programs available at Vanderbilt that integrate different subjects, such as engineering and health, together. That way you can get and engineering degree while making your way towards medical school. He also told me about all the great eatery in Nashville. However, If you ever need help with Latin or Chemistry Jared is not your man.

We were waiting for Don as we chatted and he finally arrived after about a little while. How he got a cab so fast we will never know. So tonight Keli'i was the chosen speaker and he was great with his speech. Ms. Kronenberg, Mr. Ramsey and Don also spoke. We all enjoyed little appetizers while they spoke.
Ms. Kronenberg, Mr. Ramsey, Don, and Keli'i
After the appetizers the main course was brought in. I had asparagus soup which was delicious with its creamy taste and a hint of seafood. Next was the La Boeul, it's a beef tenderloin, short rib, and a Wagyu burger dish. The tenderloin was so nice, juicy, flavorful, and tender. The short ribs were perfect with just the right amount of sauce. And finally was the burger which was the first burger in which I can actually taste the meat and flavor. It has a nice tangy flavor to it. The last dish was the warm chocolate cake filled with molten chocolate in the center. It was the perfect combination of sweet and a slight bitterness. Mr. Mannix had vegan dishes that looked beautiful.
( Left to right) The soup, the cake, Mr. Mannix's main course and desert, and the La Boeul

The dinner was super fun and I gained so much from it. We got to the BART Civic Center station at around 10:00 PM and did not get to El Cerrito until 11:00 PM. I am super drained but it was all worth it.

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  1. Sounds like you liked the food, Loan. Good for you. You and I mirrored each other and I agree that we made the right choice.

    For the record--and this is for all of my fans reading these blogs in countries all over the globe--I wasn’t late for the event. I got a call while at the BART station that my house had been broken into and I had to run home to deal with the police. Aside from being evildoers, bad people rarely have any respect for others. Here I was doing something good for my community and they’re ripping me off. Go figure.