Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Day of Exploring

Today was a Dora Explorer episode without the Spanish lines. My day began with breakfast around 9:10 AM, which consisted of breakfast potatoes like the potatoes at Taco Bell, bacon, mandarins, warm cinnamon apples, pineapples, scrambled eggs, and a glass of water. The breakfast was nice and filling, but not so heavy to the point it would sit in my stomach. After breakfast I sat around the Commons and studied Deion Sanders highlights on the computer as I waited for my food to digest before my work out. Thirty minutes passed and I was ready to go, so I walked up stairs to the gym and stretched for a while before I began, because the last thing I need is a pulled or damaged muscle.

The workout to follow my stretching was great, as I was drenched in sweat. My workout was simple as I'm just now starting to get back in to my routine. The workout began with one and a quarter mile run, then I moved to the leg press machine where I did three sets of five for each leg, and three sets of fifteen for both legs. This was much needed to start off my day. After my workout it was around 11:00 AM, so I decided to go back to my dorm room and just use the extra time to watch Netflix. While in the process of logging on to Netflix I got a call from my granny saying that she finally got her postcard that I had mailed her on the seventh. While on the phone we just caught up on things going on in our lives, as we talked for the next thirty minutes. Then out of nowhere she demanded that I take a lot of pictures, but then I told her I her I took over 400 pictures she told me to shut up in disbelief. Then I said I'm not lying and she just said wow in astonishment. After talking to her she threw the phone to my grandpa so we could talk, and that conversation was about the opportunity I have to travel at such a young age, and it kind of sparked his young traveling memories with leaving home in Alabama at the age of eighteen. This conversation ended with laughs and happiness just because we talked to each other.

When our conversation ended I hopped on Netflix, and then I sent my dad text messages of what I've been up to. Before I knew it was 12:30 PM and I heard nothing but quite from my room. Hearing this made me nervous that my group had left me to go on the field trip set for around 1:00 PM. I went in hallway and saw no one, and then I looked out my window and didn't see the buses, so I thought to myself where did everybody go. Then I took a second look at my phone and I said with a sigh of relief lunch. I walked down to the hall and so my housemates playing music that was funny, as they looked at me and smiled which caused me to laugh. After lunch I sat and watched as everyone played cards until time to go explore Nashville. When our floor was called to the bus we all packed on and waited for our driver to get to our destination.

When we finally arrived we were at a packed park that had a farmers market going on. We all got off the bus, but we had no idea what we were going to do for the day. After ten minutes of proctors getting their kids together, they announced that we would be exploring Nashville in the form of a scavenger hunt. It started off with a lot of people complaining and ended with complaining, but just not as much. We went through the city finding facts on or inside buildings whether it is on history or rock. What I noticed while walking down the streets was that every restaurant had some sort of band playing for them. You could just hear music playing all down the streets of Nashville. It was kind of crazy to me to see every restaurant with somewhat of a thriving band. Mid-way through our on foot expedition of Nashville it started raining, so we had to call the hunt short. We all ran back to the bus location as fast as we could trying to avoid the 80 degree rain. After we counted everyone on the bus for attendance we arrived back at the school in ten minutes.

When we got back it was around three hours left until dinner so we all chilled in the dorm as people from other floors came to our floor to play cards, the Xbox 360, and just interact. This fun lasted all the way until dinner time, and then at dinner I ate chicken strips and a salad for the second time today. After dinner we went back to the dorm building where college information sessions were held by the proctors, until 9:30 PM. During these sessions held on floors three, two, and one, we explored the college life first hand from current students and students who graduated a year ago. Then we discussed the transition from high school to college, and what colleges look for in students. In this we covered the basics like GPA, and standardized testing scores. Then the proctors went on to explain that there is no real way to determine how students are accepted into college. The day was ended with a lesson that you shouldn't stress yourself out on the things that colleges look for, but just do what you love.

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