Monday, July 15, 2013

Productive Momnday

This probably was the most productive Monday I've had in my life, considering getting things I was supposed to do done. My day started off with me getting out of the bed, getting dressed, and taking care of business. My first order of business before breakfast was to get my postcard mailed off to my grandparent's house. The reason I stress getting this postcard off today is because I have several more to mail off, and it takes about four to five days for the postcard to go from Tennessee to California. This was a big deal, so in order to handle this big deal I went down to the office and mailed off my card before breakfast. While I was down there I also took care of the need for a band aid on my elbow wound. After I left the office I went straight to the commons where I was heading for the breakfast line. While I was walking past the school gift shop I remembered that I needed change for my laundry trip in two or three days, so I made a quick detour and picked up three dollars in quarters. This was three things already knocked off my list early in the morning (I think that's a new record.)

Finished with three things on my thought out to do list I made my way to breakfast where I ate some hash browns, a couple pieces of bacon, scrambled eggs, mandarins, grapes, and a big glass of water. This was a satisfying breakfast that held me over until lunch. Once breakfast was taken care of I found a place in the lobby to sit down. In this spot I finished my grandparent's postcard that I will be mailing off tomorrow. Just as I finished I made it out front to the lawn before Hakeem could go looking for me. We left the commons and journeyed off to class. When we walked in class and sat down our teacher instructed to us that we would be making map routes using vectors to get to a certain spot on campus. Once at the instructed spot you would get your map and equations checked, and if they were correct then you would receive a small block that is necessary to getting some ice cream back at the class. When we got started I mapped out the easy route, then my partner took care of the equations that I hadn't learned yet in school. After getting our equations and maps checked by the teacher, we received the go ahead to go to the instructed location for the ice cream key.

At the instructed location we met Hakeem, who would be reviewing our maps. He reviewed our map and equations, and he said okay and handed us each a little block (Key) necessary for us to each get an ice cream. As soon as we got the keys we took off like jets back to the class to get our ice cream. In my mind I thought the ice cream was going to be vanilla ice cream, but it was a strawberry fruit bar which was even better. I saw the fruit bar as better because I have been wanting a frozen strawberry fruit bar with real strawberries inside of it for the last three months. My craving for this delicious fruit bar had finally been cured. This project took the whole first half of the class, so instead of going back upstairs we just went to go eat lunch. At lunch I picked up a 6x6 personal sized pepperoni pizza, with strawberry shortcake, and a glass of water. This kept me filled until dinner time. After lunch we went back to class where we built spaghetti noodle bridges. We were given a whole box of wheat spaghetti noodles, four sticks of glue for the hot glue gun, and a small thing of super glue. For the bridge my partner and I would have to build it strong enough to withstand two three pound metal weights. Also the bridge had to be .4 meters long and 15 centimeters wide.

I designed the bridge as usual, but my partner decided to tweak some of the designs in the noodle spacing, so our bridge might not be as stable as I had hoped. I designed the bridge to have a bottom layer of 15cm wide going from north to east, and a 42cm length layer on top of the bottom layer going from east to west. Before we actually got started on the constructing, the class watched a video on faulty bridge engineering. As we watched the horrible and I do mean horrible engineering we could not believe our eyes as we witnessed the bridge wave like and shake like the ocean. Eventually the rubber like bridge was knocked over by the powerful wind. This was an actual bridge shaking and moving like a flimsy piece of paper. I thought to myself that whoever built, or designed the bridge should be put in prison for endangering the public safety of others. After watching this bridge crumble to pieces we got started, and for the next several hours of class we built the frame and constructed the bottom layer of the bridge as we ran out of super glue. Seeing that class was up the teacher told everyone to put their bridges in the other room so they don't get in the way of tomorrow's lecture, but she did say we will finish them instead of going to the computer lab as the class protested to stay.

When we got back to the dorms I made my way to social dancing, which is basically the proper styles of dancing and a formal event. Today we went over the Cha-cha and the Waltz with only two boys and twelve girls in class. This meant that some of the girls would have to play the boy role in the dances. After everyone got their partners, we got down to business. I was actually good at these dances, I thought I was only good at the formal choreographed dance I did my freshmen year for my AASU performance, but I was wrong. After class I went to dinner where I ate a nice, but not an overwhelming meal. After this I took care of another to do list item as I worked out up stairs. I ran a mile and some change, and did sit ups today. Then after my workout I decided to take advantage of my soft night and take care of some much needed shopping at CVS with some friends. I got some soap, sour gummy worms, and a bag of the new Jolly Rancher Bites. When I got back home I realized that Monday was an overall productive day as I got things done not only in class, but I also got necessary things done instead of procrastinating. Monday is no longer a slow day, as I am now independent at college camp.  

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