Thursday, July 4, 2013

History Always Repeats its Self

The 4th of July was a lot different from any other day out here on the east coast, because I got to sleep in till 7:30 AM! No just kidding that wasn't what made the day different, it was a great part though, but like I was saying I started my day off with getting dressed at 7:30 AM. Then Thomas and I made our way down to the lobby where we would meet up with Mr. Ramsey, Loan, Kim, and Mr. Mannix for a breakfast buffet at the hotel before 8:30. While stuffing our faces with food (I know I did) we some how managed to discuss our plan for the day, which consisted of a lot of walking. In our plan Mr. Mannix played poppa bear bringing us lunch so we could resist the struggle of getting food later on in the day. We were told that he would be back around ten, and that we could relax until it was time for us to go, and I definitely took advantage of it ( More sleep!) with a thirty minute accidental nap ( I wasn't intending to go to sleep it kind of just happened, kind of like when you see your grandpa or your dad watching TV one minute and the next minute they are sleep.) 

After Mr. Mannix returned, we were off to adventure. First we caught the circuit bus to somewhere close to where the parade was going to be. Then as we were stalling for the parade we  walked around D.C and saw some of the main monuments and buildings. Like: the Executive Office building; the Washington Monument, which was going through some construction; the White House (Obama was MIA this time); and The Department of The Treasury. Then as we walked pass a War to  Civil Rights informative poster, Mr. Ramsey gave us a brief connection between the passage and life. Saying that the people who wanted to free slave like Salmon P. Chase who was the secretary of the treasury had to issue out bonds. Kind of like the situation with the rebuilding of Pinole Valley High School, and how they have to raise money selling bonds, getting the people to pay taxes, and getting them on board with the idea of rebuilding the school. Then we some how got on loans and how they help improve your credit score when payed on time and sometimes more then the minimum amount. After Mr. Mannix explained that you shouldn't throw away a school you really want to go to because you need to take out a loan I realized that he was right and all I really need to do to avoid loan depth is to pay my minimum fee, like Mr. Ramsey said.

After our brief life lesson we walked about a half a mile through the boiling heat to go watch the parade. The parade was packed with people from all around the country. The parade consisted of every culture in the book, with high school marching bands from all over the country performing American classics like When the Saints Come Marching in. There was even magic happening with this man making this lady float in the air. Soon we realized that the parade was almost over and we had to make it to the Holocaust Museum before the mad rush. We got there just in time when the heat was really starting to get to us, but the A/C in the building cooled us off. Before  we got to actually walk around in the museum we had to wait a few minute for our group to be called. Then the man called our group and over crammed us into a small elevator with eleven or so other people, after handing us an information pan flit on separate Jewish prisoners.

When you first walk in you hear the Nazi soldiers marching to the sound of Adolf Hitler's voice. Then you turn the corner and see how Hitler got into power, how much he hated Jews, and how he started the group Nazis, but that wasn't the gruesome part that got event into the history books. What got the Holocaust in the history books is the Nazi's efforts to eliminate the Jewish race. In their efforts they murder millions of Jews, burned down houses sent them to concentration camps making them starve to death, and after trying to get them to leave and emigrate Hitler got tired of waiting and created a final solution to just kill them all no hesitation. Then Mr. Ramsey sparked a conversation with me asking me how I feel about the situation and I said that it is a form of history that constantly repeats its self.

When I think about history, from the beginning of time a race is trying to be wiped of the planet of the Earth as if we all can find a way to coexist. First were the Jews with the Romans killing off Jesus Christ, and in the mix of this the Roman marked Jews as the devil and his helpers in killing Jesus, they even gave out false accusations of them sacrificing christian blood. So Romans tarnished the Jews reputation and tried to wipe them off the face of the Earth while turning the world against them. Then next in line to be wiped out were Africans who were depicted as ugly creatures and killed just because of the Europeans wanting more territory for industrialization. This was out of greed and dislike for the fact they were different. In killing off so many African people and taking over their land, the Europeans wiped off an African culture so rich with history, and pride that results in young blacks acting a certain way in this day and age. Next came the Native Americans who were forced to the western side of the country after being tricked out of their land. Then as Americans and settlers migrated west, they killed off Native Americans to take over the land that was filled with gold. Resulting in what I think was the extinction of pure Native Americans. After them returned the Jews being wiped off the Earth again, from the hatred of Adolf Hitler. Then came blacks who were threatened of being erased by angry southern white men during the time slaves were freed, or you could even  say slavery times because thousands of blacks were killed in the transporting of them to America. Blacks were threatened by slave owners, and were victims of the American Nazi, the KKK.

In my mind it seems to me that history always repeats its self like it or not, spoken from a wise women ( My mom.) Just like hair styles of the 90's and clothing and music of older generations. In my mind there is nothing you can really do to stop history from requiring, but you can only hope to prevent it with every clue that is given throughout the examples in history.

After we left the museum we got some food to eat at the little festival going on. Then we all said by to Mr. Ramsey as he had to get ready for his flight early in the morning heading back to California. After he left the rest of the gang  went go say hi to an old friend. Honest Abe (Abraham Lincoln.) We went to go visit his memorial, where it was packed as all the families waited to see the fireworks. Seeing that we had three hours before they started we decided to go to the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial. Which happened to be my favorite when I seen it. In my mind the statue was an exact replica of him except about thirty feet taller than he was. I had fun as I made some funny pictures with Martin, but my favorite was the one Loan took ( Hope there's no love lost Mr. Mannix but Loan won.) After goofing off and being inspired to have a statue like his one day, we made our way back to Abe where Loan whooped me in one on one speed (card game,) but I redeemed myself in the three way speed before the fireworks started. The fireworks were about thirty minutes of color in the sky and USA being spelled out. Then when the fireworks were over everyone fled home in the streets of D.C.

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