Tuesday, July 9, 2013

It's Only an Eye

Today was great. The day began with the usual rise and shine morning, with the getting dressed and brushing my teeth and what not around 7:50 AM. I grabbed my back pack my phone and I was out the door heading for the cafeteria. After I ate breakfast my, teacher was outside waiting for the entire class to show up. When the whole class showed up we took to the building where great things would be done today. When we got to the room we all sat down in our usual spot and waited for instructions. This time we would build another display, but it would have to be taller than eighteen inches and better. So before we began the teacher instructed all the students to switch seats until all students were sitting with three different students. After the switch she gave out thirty 3x5 flash cards and two feet and six inches of scotch tape.

This time around I was with three different students, and I came up with another idea. This idea would be somewhat shaped like the Empire State building, but its designed to be built like a pyramid. The display was formed with four two card cylinders at the bottom, then topped by three two card cylinder, followed by two two card cylinders, and another two two card cylinders, and one two card cylinder on the top for Pokey the bear. As soon as I had finished out the mapping for my teams display the teacher said, "Time's up." and then we had to switch designs with another group. We switched designs with the other group and got our new design. Then we put them to the test as one out of the four designs fell to the floor, and it wasn't mine. My design was great except for the way the other group had tapped it. After the exercise the teacher explained to the class that the switch was a test to see if you could describe your design good enough or give the necessary directions needed for another person to follow up on where you left off on your design. 

The next class assignment was to go to the library and to do research on oximetry. This was the process of checking your oxygen level in your blood. Then we went to lunch and came back and everyone gave their presentations, and one was about cameras. They ended up describing a really neat thing about the eye and how the images it sees first go into the head upside down, and it's not until the brain receives the images that they are turned up the right way. Then they went on to say how it's the same way if you make a room completely dark and make a small hole in the curtains as the images from outside project on to the wall upside down. The experiment happened to be true. This was crazy too me, and I have a feeling that when I get home my mom is going to be mad at me for some mysterious holes in the curtains.

After this we got to doing what the whole day was about. We began to dissect cow eyes, fresh out the smelly preserving liquid. First I pulled off the first lens to the eye, then the cow eyelashes, and then I watched as smelly liquid flowed out the eye. The process of dissecting was disgusting at first, but the process kind of grew on you after seeing this video on a guy narrating his Lasik eye surgery. We took the eye completely apart from the cornea to the snot like stuff inside the eye. This was fascinating in a way, but disgusting in another way. After we finished our experiment we found ourselves back in the library going over lab rules for our field trip tomorrow before we left. 

When we got back to our dorm room it was time for my step class. We added like five new steps that had me confused about which one was which. They had all been thrown at me at the same time. But after getting this down it was dinner time and our time to roam the city. When I say roam the city I mean that's what everyone else did, because Loan, Kim, Thomas, and I all had one purpose and one purpose and one purpose only and that was to get quarters to wash clothes. So after making a quick trip to CVS pharmacy we walked right back and to the laundry mat floor underneath our dorms. Then we capped off the night by listening to a game of have you ever by some of the students before going to sleep. It was then I realized all high school students are the same.

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