Saturday, July 20, 2013

Hot N' Cold

Today's weather was bipolar. I felt as if the skies couldn't decide on who was going to have today's shift. The sun and the clouds were fighting all week, but today they came up with a split day compromise where the sun would roam the morning and afternoon, and the dark clouds would run the evening. My day began nice and sunny as I had a Saturday morning class, which really wasn't a class. Today my class began at 10:00 AM as we walked from the commons to our weekend class. In our weekend class we went over our class talent show act for Wednesday, which is a song that I still cannot reveal. Anyway we did simple things like assign song parts, when we were actually supposed to be watching a movie. After we assigned parts we rehearsed the song until our two hour class was up. 

After class was up we ate lunch before we were released to a four hour free time. In my free time I decided to go to the REC center where fifteen other students, Thomas, and I played a three on three basketball tournament until 3:15 PM. In the tournament I made new friends who could hoop, one's name was Pedro from Florida. He didn't really look like a basketball player, but he had the moves to get to the finals versus my team. On my team was a classmate named Forest, and a friend named Jaylen. We each had our scoring and star moments, but my moment came in the final round as I scored six of my teams seven points for the win. This was a close game with the final score being five to seven. After the tournament almost everyone went to go swim, so instead of playing more games we played knock out. This was crazy fun as I won two of the twelve games. In knockout the group of people found my basketball weakness free-throws, which is ridiculous seeing that I make any three pointer or mid-range shot I attempt. When I was joking around in the game I compared myself to Shaq and they all laughed in agreement. I've always known my true weakness, but I could never really fix it. After dying of laughter in a different half-court game of knockout everyone was ready to go back to the dorms. 

Once everyone was counted up we traveled back to the dorm by a tired twenty minute walk. When we got back Thomas and I asked around to find our third person. We needed a third person in order to sign out the building and go to this ice cream place called Hot N' Cold about a five minute walk away, which was perfect for a 90 degree afternoon. We soon easily found our third person, and a fourth as the person's roommate decided to join us. As we walked to the building we discussed how I had heard about the place, then I explained that while I was in the hospital a few days back Tamara had recommended the place to me. I thought today was perfect so I said why not go get some overly priced ice cream, which definitely followed Mr. Mannix's quote, "Quality over quantity." This ice cream was delicious and refreshing as I ate three small different scoops. One scoop was a pouched pear ice cream which I found light but tasty, another was a blackberry vanilla bean ice cream mix, and my last scoop was a salted caramel. This last caramel scoop had me on a fence, as I could not decide if I liked the taste or not. Once we finished our treats I got a homemade Popsicle to go, and this was a fruit blend of strawberry and blueberry  This was great as I ate the real strawberries dripping from the Popsicle.

When we got back to the dorm it was already time to get ready for the movies. After we were dressed and ready to go at the commons by 6:30 PM we were gathered in our proctor groups. We counted the students then rushed to the bus with our movie title on the side of it. I got on the Grown Ups 2 bus as I was ready to watch something stupidly funny. I say stupidly funny because the movie is so stupid that I find it funny. When we arrived everyone got there tickets, snacks, and food before the movie began. When I paid for my food I was expecting a medium sized McDonald with an ice in it, but instead I got a super-sized ice that was called a medium. When I made my way to my seat I was ready to see something funny, and I did as I laughed my way out of my seat. Some people at the end of the movie considered the movie to have no real plot or not be funny, but I think they thought too much into a movie that was intended to be stupidly hilarious, which I found successful. At the end I made my way to my proctor group as I received four flash flood warning text messages from the news. This was crazy just to think that you went in the movie and it was hot, sunny, and no clouds insight. You came out the movie and it's cold, raining, thunder and lightning storms, with flash flood warnings. We stayed at the movies for another twenty minutes as we waited for the Hot N' Cold weather to make up its mind. We called it a night as we arrived at the school at 11:00 PM, and lights out by twelve. 

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