Sunday, July 21, 2013

Cracker Jacks Strike Back

Today's pace was really slow and lethargic. The campus was a ghost town from the times of 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM, because today was Sunday. Everyone had either went to church, walked off campus, or was still sleeping. When I woke up at 8:40 AM I had gotten dressed, joked around with friends, and was out the door for breakfast. When I went to breakfast I saw little to nobody eating in the dining hall. This was great, but bad at the same time. Great because it was quite and more of an opportunity to do what you wanted, but bad because the campus was boring. While everyone was away doing their own thing I stayed at the campus watching highlights on YouTube for forty minutes just because I usually relax on Sundays. Then when 10:30 came around I decided to go to the gym upstairs above the commons and workout. This workout lasted from 10:30 AM to 12:03 PM. This workout was great as it targeted just about everything on the body ranging from the back, legs, arms, chest, abs, and cardio. I began with stretching, and then went right into arms, then legs. As I worked on my leg I made workouts to fit my defensive back position in football, as I squatted in my back peddling stance in several different ways. From there I moved to shoulders where I did front and side rises. After this I decided to ride the bicycle machine, because nobody was in the gym with me so I could train how I wanted to for however long I wanted to. Finished with my two mile uphill bike ride my legs were turned to noodles as I forced myself to work on some more legs things. 

I was really feeling the burn now as I attempted to finish off my abs workouts with a minute of planking. As the last ten seconds rolled around on my phone's clock I could feel my legs getting ready to collapse as they trembled and shook like a message chair. When I got up to stretch I almost tipped over, then I almost fell down the stairs as I was walking for lunch. I ate lunch with my returned classmates, and then I sat in the commons lobby until I had to go to my room to get my wallet for our trip to the mall. When I came back it was pouring down rain. So instead of wisely going back up stairs to get my umbrella I took my chances with the rain as I ran to the lobby. When I got in the lobby I was smiling and laughing as I was soaked with rain. I wiped the rest of the rain off my exposed body parts like my legs, face, and arms before I sat down with my top half drenched in water. I say within thirty or so minutes of being on the bus and waiting around I was already dry. Now dry and at the mall I went on a hunt to find my little brother a birthday present with Thomas. We went to Toys R Us where I bought him and I a beautiful model car to play with. 

After I found him something Thomas and I walked around the mall for two hours looking for something to do. Out of being in the presence of a mall I ended up buying all of my siblings souvenirs, and that's not a low number of people either. I left the mall with two large bags and sore nimble legs. When we got back to the dorms around 5:30 PM I sat in the lobby of the commons talking to people until dinner began. After dinner was the real show as we had a proctor group trivia challenge. This trivia challenge was a battle between all proctor groups as we each had eight rounds of ten questions to answer on a piece of paper in a given amount of time. The rounds were Sports, Literature, History, Science and Math, Movies, Music, and People. Each person in my group had their special categories, as mine were music, sports, history, and movies. My best topic was music though as I led the Cracker Jacks (Stands for CJ our proctor,) to a nine out of ten question role. After the music section we caught fire and pulled off a nice win with fifty something points to take first place. This was payback to the A-House after getting whooped in the minute to win it challenges. This S-House win triggered three things one being the silence of A-House, a change in S-House pride and confidence, and that CJ has the best proctor group on campus as we all slept with a fire in our hearts to win the big enchilada.

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