Sunday, July 21, 2013

Unfair Disadvantage

The day started groggily as I tried to pull myself out of bed. By the time I was ready or the day it has been too late to have breakfast so I looked for an alternative activity. I decided to head down to do laundry seeing as everyone else is busy and the laundry room is unoccupied. After putting the laundry in, my friends called me to go out and explore. 

We all decided that we wanted some soup so we went to Panera Bread since it was the only place around with good soup. After we were done with Panera, we walked around our boundary street before going back to the dorms. By the time we got back it was already time for lunch. Since we just ate, I wasn't really hungry so I went to get my laundry. At around 1:30 PM we all had to gather into our proctor group to go to the Opry Mill Mall. 

The mall was pretty out into the city so it took longer to get there than our usual trip. It was a really big mall and there were so many shops that my friends wanted to visit. I'm not really fond of shopping so thank goodness we were only there for two and a half hour. I just pretty much followed my friend around the whole time and looking around. They bought a lot of clothing while I couldn't really get much due to my luggage situation. I did get a shirt for myself and one for my sister. Surprisingly the time flew by super quickly and I haven't even noticed.

By the time we got back it was a bit after 5 PM so we had free time until dinner. Due to my irregular eating that day I was so hungry when dinner came. Dinner was really fun as we all joked and messed with each others food. After we all ate we hung out in the Commons until it was time for Trevia Night. It was held in the Rotunda just like all the other big group event at VSA. Some people were excited, a few weren't because they just wanted free time instead. I was pretty excited because it was a good way to learn new and interesting facts. Our team was made by our proctor group and the proctors made their own team. 

The game started out really well and it was really fun. We weren't winning or losing, but that didn't matter. As we past some question regarding U.S. History and people got a bit clueless, I had a thought. Why do our government make immigrants take an American Civics test to prove their citizenship when real citizen can't answer most of the questions? If I asked my dad how many states border Canada he would know while it was a real struggle for some of us to count them all. My dad doesn't even speak English that well! Anyway as the game goes on it got worse. The minute we hit the sports section the scale of equality just started to  tilt towards the guys. They ask us to give the real names of athletes based on their nicknames. As you can already guess, the girls were utterly clueless for the most part. I just sat there and thought about how ridiculous some of those nicknames are."The Truth"? "Mr. Hockey"? The only thing that can make it worse is if they gave themselves those nicknames. 

Before the game started we were all told that we weren't allowed to use our phones to look up the answers but of course there are rebels in the world. They tried to be discreet but we all saw them using their phones. They ended up being victorious but I didn't really care. At least I knew that my team earned our second to last place with our raw knowledge and with honesty. If someone could risk trusting you with not breaking the rules then the least you can do is follow them, it's not that hard. So the night ended with a short dance party and everyone became very hyper. 

This is our last weekend at VSA and I got really sad when I thought about it. Tomorrow we go back to class as usual and the week mellows down as we prepare to end the camp. But all that is still five days away and I hope to make the most of it all.

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