Monday, July 22, 2013

They're Not Dummies

Today started off the same, up until the end of breakfast time. At the end of breakfast the skies decided exactly what it wanted to do today, and that was pour down rain. The skies poured so much that the class walk was delayed until 9:45 AM. This left our schedule in a funk. When the skies finally let up for a second we were allowed two walk to class, but by the time we got to class it was time to go on our field trip. Seeing the time we put our stuff down, and then we went through this underground tunnel all the way to the hospital I had spent the night in. In the tunnel it looked like Foodmax storage room. What was crazy to me about the tunnels was that it was hotter in the tunnels then it was outside, but now that I think about it the tunnels are underground tubes that the sun beats on all day. Well after a twenty minute walk through the tunnels we took an elevator to the third floor of a building that had paintings with eyes that follow you. Then we walked into an office where a man was standing waiting for us to have a seat so he could begin his presentation. In his presentation he talked about various machines his firm uses to simulate real medical situations.

When he finished we walked around and he showed us some of the things, like a colonoscopy simulator. This machine had whole like a rectum where students would stick a camera in, and take a virtual tour of the colon without bumping in to walls. If they bumped into a wall in the colon, then the simulator walls on the screen would turn red. Even when they are working in the colon the students have to pick things up in the simulator in the camera and put them in a basket inside the colon. Kind of like colon basketball in their simulator. Next was the microscopic surgery simulator where you operate while looking at a camera, while moving these triangles on top of a stick with these surgery utensils. Then when you look at what you are really operating on, the thing is no bigger than a mouse pad on a laptop. Once my turn to operate on this simulator it came pretty easy for me to do. The man said that if you play video games you probably would be better at this task, which was obvious as all the guys passed with ease. Next was this human simulator that could do it all. This was no longer considered a machine, robot, or dummy. Actually this human simulator got upset when you called it a dummy. This machine is used to simulate every type of doctor or emergency visit you can think of. We watched as the machine breathed up and down, we watched as his heartbeat stopped, and we even watched as he blinked while my classmate brought him back to life. This machine could bleed, he can respond to what you ask him, he is a mechanical human with all the features used to help med students all across the country.

Later we witnessed the machine have a seizure as no one saved him. Then towards the end of the tour we went behind the one way mirror and seen the technician that we all new was there from the beginning. He joked around with us and explained to us how the machine worked, before we left because lunch was coming up. When we got back to class we grabbed our things and umbrellas as we walked through the cold rain. This time I was prepared for the rain as I brought my umbrella, but little did I know that the umbrella would only cover the neck and head area of my body as my shoulders and body got soaked. This would eventually dry up after ten minutes of being in the cafeteria. After lunch we went back to class to finish our microscopic surgery box simulators that we made on Friday. When everyone finished we all got a chance to try them out without the camera, which was fine but took a while to tie. When we actually got the chance to use the camera with the box everyone got frustrated as no one finished their surgery. This caused the teacher to make a fun activity involving the shaping of play-dough, which we partner up for. In this partnership one person would be blindfolded while the other describes to them how to make a random animal. First animal to be built was a pig that I made. It wasn't exactly the best looking pig that I would eat, but it had the body shape. Next was a bird that I instructed on how to make. This ended up looking like a penguin, which is technically a bird. After was a platypus that I built that was awful, but had shape. Finished with this project we built candy sling shots before having a lecture on tumor removing and surgeries that take place in the face. After seeing gruesome surgeries our teacher cut the guest speaker's presentation short so we could go to the dorms for a soft period.

During my soft period I chose to sit in the commons lobby and watch Call of the Wildman, and River Monsters. Within thirty minutes of watching each show I was sleep. My mid-day nap lasted until dinner. Following dinner I watched capture the flag for an hour, because my legs were still noodles from yesterday's workout. I watched until 8:20 PM, and then I decided to shake the pain and join because it looked fun, and it was fun as I shot for the other teams flag four times and made it. But I just couldn't see the flag in the darkness as I would run up, so I would slow down as I came three feet within the flag and get tagged. Then the grass was wet and muddy, which made falling fun instead of painful. This fun ended around 8:50 PM, which led into some more fun around nine. At 9:00 PM we were scheduled to play assassin, and my target was a proctor. Within two minutes of starting the game my assassin killed me as I was walking up the stairs. This ended my night as I freaked people out with a random plastic spoon. Honestly my day was balanced and I felt that it had a fun overall feel to it even though I enjoyed the things I learned to day instead of only enjoying the projects. I still think this course focuses too much on bio-medical engineering and tissue engineering, when the title is principles of engineering. This means a broad learning of all engineering. 

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