Saturday, July 13, 2013

You're Out!

Today was a pretty light day, because it was Saturday. Breakfast was a 9 AM today, so I woke up at 8. For the first time, there were waffles and syrup, along with the normal staples (eggs, bacon, sausage, cereal, fruit, beverages, etc.) After breakfast we had class from 10-12. Dawson decided to show us a the movie Good Will Hunting. (Don't worry, it was highly math related.) 

I'm not going to summarize the whole movie, as that would give it away. I would highly recommend watching it. It even won two Academy Awards. The story revolves around Will Hunting, a mathematical genius that lives in Southern Boston, and has never been to college. He works as a janitor at MIT. Although he is brilliant, he is very concerned about the possibility of failure, due to his horrible childhood. Eventually, he is taken to a therapist who helps him overcome this fear.

The movie lasted for the full two hour class, so we had lunch immediately after. No one was really hungry, because we had breakfast started just three hours earlier, and Dawson gave us popcorn during the movie. After lunch we played Minute to Win It. For those who do not know, Minute to Win It is a game show where  contestants have one minute to complete a bizarre task. For example, some of the tasks included hiking (as in a football hike) toilet paper through a hoop, and knocking over cones like an elephant, with a tennis ball attached to the leg of a pair of pantyhose that are pulled over you head. Everyone in VSA is divided into houses by proctor group. (The houses are V-House, S-House and A-House.) I am in A-House. For each of the tasks, members from each house were randomly selected. Unfortunately, I was selected for one of the tasks. My task was to put an Oreo on my forehead, and use only the muscles in my face to move it to my mouth and eat it. For this task, three people from each house were selected. I was the only one of the nine people who actually did it. Many Oreos were wasted in this game, as most people dropped six or seven each. In the end, A-House won with 97 points.

After Minute to Win It, we had SOFT time until 5 PM. At 5:45, we got on buses to go to a Nashville Sounds Baseball game (a Minor League game). When we got to the game, we were each given a ticket, and 10 Nashville Sounds Baseball Bucks. These are really just $1 vouchers for food. I would have rather gotten $10, as I only got $5 worth of food. Surprisingly, there were lots of people at the game. About 75% of the seats were filled. 

The scoreboard was a giant guitar.
Overall, I thought the game was not that great. That's probably because I'm not a huge baseball fan. Also, the players and the stadium are nothing compared to a Major League team. At the end of 8 innings, the Sounds were winning, but in the top of the 9th the other team got a 3-run home run, and won 5 to 4. For me, the best part was the fireworks after the game. Of course, they were nothing compared to the Fourth of July Fireworks in D.C., but they were still pretty good. By the time we got back to Vanderbilt, it was already 11 PM. We had a quick proctor meeting, and went to bed. 
Tomorrow's big event is a scavenger hunt in Downtown Nashville. Who knows what they'll have us find...

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