Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Day Known as Terrible Tuesday

Today began like a terrible Tuesday in class for me. It was supposed to be raining and thundering today, but instead of raining and thundering on campus it rained and thundered on my day in class. Today started off great for me everything was going good from the time I woke up to the time I went to class. Once in class my teacher informed us that we would be building robots. Each robot would be a motorized bug that we would race once finished. This required a lot of careful direction reading and melting tin with a very hot solder. This was easy as can be, until I got to the part where I had to use a partner to insert my two batteries. First my partner had trouble grabbing the battery from me while keeping it in the robot bug. Then after five or six failed transfers he grabbed it and put the battery in himself and soldered it. Then I grabbed it from him and noticed that the battery was in the wrong way. This irritated me, but I was fine with it. I then spent thirty minutes trying to take the battery out, but in order to take the battery out I had to use the hot solder to remelt the tin. After I remelted the tin I would have to quickly suck the melted tin up into this tube. This process took forever, and it made me want to softly nudge the battery out of the spot so I tried. This was such a bad idea that as soon as I touched the battery I dropped my bug in shock of the hotness. This was an upsetting act for me, but I kept it pushing as I tried one more time.

This one more time would be my last time, as I burned my pinky with the solder while trying to untangle the cord as my partner accidentally bumped my seat. This was the last straw as I dropped the solder out of quick pain, but I then picked it up to put it back in its holder. I then had to woohsaah (The relaxing method from Bad Boys 2,) before I got upset as I bald up my fists and let out air in frustration. My partner then asked to do it for me, and I said if you want. He then tried for three minutes, before he burned the back of his middle finger and quit. We both held our burns upset for a short time, but his was worse than mine. He had a big red blister forming after twenty second, but I had tender redness in my pinky while I sucked on it to ease the pain. Then my teacher came over and misunderstood what I had asked her and molded the battery back, as it was almost out. She then came up with a solution to just mix up the wires. This plan was being taken into effect as I correctly put in the second battery and mixed the wire. My bug ended up working right before lunch, but the bug would barely move he would move like a snail. After my magnificent disappointment we went to lunch where we joked around, until it was time to go to the computer lab across from the dorms.

At the computer lab we would be making posters out of a power-point. This problem was that I've never made a power-point, and I'll tell you that it's not the easiest thing to do or get used to. After writing my ideas and thoughts down on some paper I was ready to use the computer. When I started off on power-point I was just messing over things like the background and the font styles. After messing over those things I finally decided to put some words on my slide, but it was so hard to find the text box input section. My teacher then came over and helped me, and I was fine until the time to put in some pictures. When it was time to put in some pictures for my breathalyzer poster neither of us were very aware on how to do so. I thought being an engineer teacher she would know everything there is to know about power-points and computers, but she didn't and we learned together as she found it and altered my poster just a little.

After this I saved it, well at least I think so to this flash-drive before class was over. Once class was over we went to the yard and played a little Frisbee, until it was proctor group bonding time. In my proctor group bonding time we decided to join the whole third floor and have athletic activities and games on the lawn. This is where my terrible Tuesday turned into a fun Tuesday. I instantly started having fun when we started playing capture the flag. This made my day as I scored three of my team's five scores. I just kept running after the flag, because the other team kept turning their backs to me. This made me take off running. We were going to extend the playing field, but it was already dinner time. This was the second time I actually ran free in a while, I think we should play this in football. After dinner my night slowed back down as I played spades with the fellas for the first time. This game was pretty easy as I waist time and wait for the talent show tomorrow night.

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