Friday, July 19, 2013

Coming to a Close

Class for today started with a lecture given by Dr. Fowler on diabetes and pharmacology. Within a span of hour, our class familiarized ourselves with each type of diabetes and possible treatments. But most importantly, we learned why diabetes are important enough to care about. Statistically speaking, the United States is ranked third in the world for the total number of people with diabetes. With everyone in the room raising their hand when asked if they knew people they know with diabetes, I'd say he was right on the dot. One out of every 12 Americans have diabetes. And only two out of three people know they have diabetes. Since the Western Hemisphere is overfed, diabetes is a lot more common than it was when Dr. Fowler was in high school. In fact, he mentioned how uncommon diabetes was way back then. And now, I'd be shocked if anyone said the same thing now. Sadly, its prevalence can't be reversed. But the good thing is, is diabetes can be monitored and kept under control with medication and living a healthier lifestyle.

Right after Dr. Fowler's lecture, one of the proctors came to take our picture. Apparently, VSA is getting a yearbook together based on the past couple weeks. Finding a place to take the picture was a little more challenging than I thought it would be. Ironically, the area we decided to have the photo taken by was surrounded by insects larger than I hoped. I couldn't wrap my head around what they actually were. I've seen some unfamiliar insects here in Nashville. And they're not the type I want to familiarize myself with. All I knew was that I hoped they weren't the stinging type. 

My Med School 101 Class with our instructors(Jon, Mary, and Jake) and Vivian(our escort)

Coming back from our yearbook photo, we learned about a couple surgical knots. Since our lecture with Dr. Dwyer was pushed back, our instructors decided to push this lesson up. With trial and error, I felt accomplished with my sleek knots. I enjoyed the hands on experience. It was even relaxing almost. What had me slightly apprehensive was what awaited for us after lunch:our patient encounters at CELA. Although we were just there yesterday, we'd be interacting with patient actors in twos. I wasn't terrified or anything, but anxious to communicate with a "real" patient.

Having lunch at the Commons, I forgot that today was Friday. There's a difference between lunch meals during Mondays/Fridays and the rest of the days. There's more variety in main course and dessert options. But for some reason, I couldn't put my finger on it. I thought it was surprised to see the food layout today thinking it was Wednesday or Thursday. But it finally hit me while I went to the cashier to swipe my meal card. My time at VSA has been flying almost like the time it takes for the sun to travel around the Earth. You think the sun is permanently seated wherever you are. But in reality, it's moving faster than you can blink. And in that moment, I was happy to eat my tasty meal, but also sad to know it was Friday. In exactly a week, my time at VSA will come to a close. But it won't end before seizing each day.

Walking to CELA, the moment came for our patient encounters. Although they were patient actors, our objective was to establish a good patient/med student relationship. Though we weren't prepared to administer a full on physical exam, our other skills were put to a test. Paired up with Olivia, I felt like we did a great job of communicating with our patient. I didn't think there were many awkward pauses of silence. We maintained a steady flow of communication while tackling our patient's main objective. And by the time we left the room, I didn't have the slightest feeling of doing poorly. We both came out good about ourselves and liking every bit of it. Since I like the patient interaction aspect of being a doctor, it was like getting my feet wet. And with Jake was in another room watching each of our "appointments" from a monitor, I was more anxious to hear what he had to say. But Jake ended up having positive feedback overall for our class. Class today was at an all-time high. My time at CELA has definitely been one of my all time favorite places at VUMC.

With Arete finishing up, it meant only one thing:the Arete showcase. Coming in eighth on the list, my self-defense class had nothing but time before going on stage. And some additional classes different from last week, it wasn't boring at all. In fact, each class brought something new the stage. Even the step class I was a part of last week switched it up a little. Yoga may have been the most interactive, with VSA students in the audience engaging in a couple poses. The energy was there, amongst the cheers. It was sad knowing that this was the last of the Arete. But knowing I had a great time in both my classes, I came out of the Wyatt Rotunda feeling satisfied. I never would have thought I'd enjoy step and self-defense class as much as I did. I wouldn't have had my choice in class be any other way.

With the week coming to a close, we soon approach the weekend. Hearing the schedule for Saturday and Sunday, a lot is in store for us. We're in for a great start to the weekend, with class taught by Jake!  

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