Thursday, July 25, 2013

This Can't Be Real

As my last full day begins my class starts off the day with two different guest speaker sessions before lunch. One was with four engineering college students and the other was the Vanderbilt engineering admission officer. The speaking session with the students was funny as they all showed a lot of hatred; for med school students. They then explained the reason behind the hatred, by saying they are tired of having med students in their engineering class. They then went on to intimidate some of my classmates with their college test and exam stories. After their moment of intimidation they began to share their past college life experiences. One college student gave us advice, saying that we should never have the game system in your dorm room, always keep it in your friend's room. Keep the game in our friend's room so people won't be going in and out of your room throughout the night. All the students really gave us was information on the living situation, and besides that they asked us questions. After the students finished speaking to us, we had a brief break where the teacher explained some of the necessary things you have to do to become a certified licensed engineer. One of the craziest things I ever herd in my life was the fact that an engineer must take an eight hour test, and work five years under a professional engineer before getting your engineer license. 

After this shocking moment the admission officer came in and talked to us. He began by basically saying some of the tests that wouldn't matter when applying to engineering such as the algebra version of physics test. The man said this test would instantly get you dropped from engineering. He also said that if you put engineering as your second choice on your application, then you will not be admitted. The man was very serious about his job as he made it clear that engineering must be your top priority. He then lightened up by saying it's very easy to transfer into engineering, and that you can change your engineering choice with no problem at all. This was the end of the man's presentation as he left, and we followed as we went to lunch together for the last time. Lunch was the same honestly didn't feel different at all. The one thing different about lunch is that the final assassin show down was horrible as both players spoons broke. Then the girl pulled out another one and repeatedly tried to stabber, which led to a not assassin like killing. 

Now back in class the teacher instructed us to set up our posters in the other room so we could get ready for our poster gallery. Once set up and ready I think seven people came in a time span of three hours. Almost everyone looked at my poster and asked what the title "No Way Out" meant. Then I explained to them that the title was because there is no real way to beat a breathalyzer when intoxicated. I told them about all of our projects and procedures on the breathalyzer, and I even told them about the Myth-Buster episode. This slow presentation made up the last half of my class for the program. Once we were finished with class we packed all sixteen people in the elevator for the last time as we sang all the way back to the Rotunda for the closing part of VSA. Even with people looking at us as we pilled out of the elevator like rodeo clowns. Some people even seen us singing and joined in, most were grown men forty and up. This moment is really what hit me that we were leaving, that I had really done the Ivy League Connection program, and that I was actually in Tennessee with people I completely didn't know three weeks ago. Well that was just the first moment of realization, as we sat in a seminar watching a slide show of photos with sad music behind it.

We then cheered for our proctors and the leaving seniors before going to dinner. At dinner I sat with my class for the last time as we laughed and joked before the dance at 8:00 PM. Once the dance began everyone let loose as we partied for the last time together. After the dance our house scores were released. First came the A-House with 490 points, second came my S-House down by ten points, and last came the V-House who lost by a hundred or so points. It wasn't until I sat in my dorm room and looked at my packed stuff that I realized the program had come to an end and was actually going back home. Tomorrow is the day I head back to California and I can't believe it. I honestly thought I would never actually make it to Tennessee, because I never pictured myself leaving California in the prior months to this trip. I just can't believe the trip happened and I'm coming home, and I owe the thanks all to the Ivy League Connection for this unreal opportunity.  

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