Saturday, July 27, 2013

Stronger Than I Thought

Today began as a job, I just wanted to get in and get out. I woke up this morning and ate breakfast for the last time as I said bye to some of my friends on the kitchen staff. Once we went our separate ways I was still fine at that point. I sat down and ate breakfast with friends and classmates as we clowned around for the last time. So far so good with my day, after breakfast everyone finished packing and began to leave. Once I seen everyone crying and sheding tears I felt my eyes watering up. I tried my hardest not to let go of any tears the whole day as I said by to classmates, and it was successful for the most part except for the incident 30 minutes before Mr. Mannix showed up.

In this incident my new found brothers were balling in tears as they not only said bye to people, but as they also said bye to VSA seeing that they were seniors and this was their last year in the program after five years. This wasn't usual for them seeing that they were the life of the party and that they always carried a smile on their faces. I think what put this moment over the edge was the music that was playing in my headphones as I watched the breakdown process happen on them not too long before it happened on me. This wasn't the incident that caused my breakdown, but it was the incident to shed the first two tears.

My complete breakdown came when Mr. Mannix arrived to take us away. He came checked us out and I was fine, until I reached the front . In the front seven of my classmates caught me and said bye to me as we all hugged it out and joked about me being form the Bi-U from the last time. In this last time Jorge the funniest person I ever met and the inventor of my name got up, and squeezed me as he cried being one of my new found brothers. In that moment I broke down in tears as I felt the bond between the rest of my class and I. This was crazy because the night before I had no idea the bond between my classmates and I was that strong, I didn't even think I was gonna cry, but I was completely wrong. As I walked to the car they shouted out last minute gator jokes that made me laugh, but made the breakdown ten times worse.

Once I hit the backseat of the car I was speechless as I got in my deep thinking zone where I would just cry silently in the back. Until we got to the bookstore and got our Vanderbilt gear. We each got jackets on the ILC's tab (Thank you,) then took pictures infront of the Vanderbilt sign. At this point there were no more tears to be shead, so I returned to myself, but a reduced version. When I say reduced, I mean I was still myself but I felt like some spark was missing that I probably won't get back until tomorrow afternoon. After the bookstore we decided to go to famous pancake place. This place had the best pancakes ever as they were just sweet enough and had the perfect amount of vanilla. Then the Georgia peach sauce complimented the pancakes so well with the real peaches. The wierd thing about the pancakes is that they were served room temperature, and they were delicious. After the pancakes we decided to walk the bridge leading to the Tennessee Titans football stadium, we felt we needed a little excercise. We only went half way, but we did stare at the flowing river for a while. After this calming walk we ventured into some of Tennessee's record stores and poster shops.

In one poster shop we came across a mean kitty. Well we don't know if he was actually mean or if he was just mad he was awakin with a poke to the neck by Loan. What made Loan poke the cat was the fact it was laying in the record box not moving at all, so she thought it was fake. The cat went on a rampage scrathing and giving anybody who attempted to pet him dirty looks. The other white cat was soaking up love will the other orange cat was being a sour puss. After our quick exploring we went to the airport where there was not one delay, until we got to L.A. and had to wait two hours for our Oakland flight that was delayed. Once we got home my mom was waiting for me at the bottom of the escalator. She almost cried as we hugged. After I got home I fell asleep in the comfort of my own bed.

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