Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Adjusting to Your Environment

Class had yet another session of sadness. Since I went to the OR yesterday, our group stayed in the classroom to watch a film about the fight to rescue healthcare. I had no idea doctors are paid based on the amount of patients they saw, instead of the quality of care they deliver. Regardless of their outcomes, doctors are paid to see as many patients as they can. And the fact that we spend more money on our health care than most countries yet aren't as nearly as effective is ironic.

No matter how depressing it was, it gave me a perspective of our less than perfect health care system straight from the view of America's doctors. I definitely think that our healthcare system is in desperate need of a change. After learning about our flawed health care system, I wonder what will happen by the time I become a full fledged doctor if I decide to do so. I can only hope that in the next couple years, America will be under better circumstances. How we get there, only time will tell.

The second half of our class dealt with an intro to obesity and what to do and look for when administering physical exams. Dr. Niswender provided the most information on obesity thus far. It's crazy thinking about how much America has changed since the mid 1980s to now. In nearly two decades, there's no state in America that isn't slightly or mildly obese. And in the South, you'll find some of the highest rates of obesity in the country. Since obesity can be more susceptible to offspring based on a couple variables, being obese could become a never ending cycle. Spending the last half of class dedicated to physical exams was a change in gear. We were able to test each others' reflexes and listen to each others' backs with stethoscopes. I enjoyed the hands off approach after the lecture.

While dinner was being served, rain was pouring like cats and dogs. And not only was it raining, but thunder could be heard as well. Coming from the Bay Area, it was a first for me to witness this kind of weather. With almost 15 minutes before our second SOFT night, nothing could be done about the weather. All of us were forced to wait in the Commons until the thunder stopped, and it was safe to walk outside. I decided to play some foosball to pass the time away. I met a couple other people in doing so. The game was on, and I didn't turn out to be too bad as I thought. I won after a losing streak with my enemy Wes. But since he helped me win, he's become a good friend of mine.

I'm adjusting well at VSA, if I do say so myself. Making friends hasn't been a total nightmare. Deciding where to sit during meal times may still be slightly daunting, but they tend to work themselves out pretty well. It's about time to step out of your comfort zones, especially since there's no comfort zone to be found a couple thousand miles from home. All you can do is be yourself, and just get out of your shell. I've had a blast meeting these people in the midst of my first thunderstorm in the South.

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