Saturday, July 13, 2013

College Atmosphere

Today felt like a laid back day that college students would have, with the exception of class and a few scheduled events. My day began at 8:30 AM when I woke up got dressed and headed over to the dining hall for a nice breakfast before my Saturday class. When the class and I got to the class building we went to the third floor instead of the eighth. On the third floor was a class room with a big white board and a projector that we could use to discuss our plans for the end of the camp class talent show. In this class we would get an idea from Purdue's engineering students to make a song about engineering, except ours would have a Vanderbilt twist.

While the class was brain storming I was looking for my magic pen, or so I called it this because you could only see the ink under a UV light. Well anyway while I was looking for my pen in this retractable chair, the chair clamped down on my elbow and took a small chunk of meat out of my elbow. Initially I didn't know that the chunk was gone because it felt like a tight pinch, but the classmate who I was trying to show the pen to noticed and made a joke saying I'm white just like him before the blood started to come out my elbow. When the blood came out I went to the bathroom and tried to stop the flow, but it just kept coming out. Then when I got back to class the teacher asked if there was still blood coming out, and I said. "Yes," so she sent me to the office on a twenty minute walk with the TA Hakeem. When we go there I sterilized it and got a band aid then we left back to class.

When I got back to class I noticed that the class was already editing the song, (What song, can't say yet it's a surprise) to fit the Vanderbilt campus and not Purdue. I looked up at the clock and we had only twenty more minutes to our two hour Saturday class. We left the calm day with an idea set and plans to make it happen. We all got back to the dining hall ate lunch and by 1:00 PM it was time for house hold competition Minute to Win It. This game was a competition between the A house, V house, and my S House. The games started off challenging as I watched as Loan and Thomas did this Oreo Cookie challenge, where they had to start with a cookie on their forehead and work it down into their mouths without using their hands in a minute. I looked up from my seat as I watched all challengers struggle, but Thomas completed the challenge after five or six tries to come in fist for his A house. Loan on the other hand had a little trouble handling the cookie. After their challenge I had a feeling that I would be selected next, and guess what I was right. 

For the next challenge I was randomly selected to compete for my S house. This challenge was to put pantyhose over your head with a tennis ball at the end and use it as a wrecking ball to knock over eight cones in less than a minute. I started off knocking my first two cones over with ease as the S house cheered my lead on. Then I got to the third cone and I couldn't knock it over as it kept sliding after I hit it about five times. This caused me to slide to third place, then my instructor said move on to the next cone, where I picked my role back up as I knocked over the other five cones with no hesitation. Then when I came back to the last cone I could feel the intensity rising as the houses cheered their kids on as the clock was ticking down. With fifteen or so seconds left I swung my tennis ball one last time and knocked over the last cone to come in second place. The A house had finished a split second before me which dropped me to second place, but it was fun so I didn't take losing serious. This competition made me have a sense of pride in my house as things did get competitive between the different houses. After the next fifteen our so competitions the scores were tallied up and the first place house was A house (Thomas' house,) second went to Loan's V house, and third went to my S house disappointingly

After this we had a soft night until 5:00 PM when we would be going to a minor league baseball game. I chose to spend my free time at the school's REC Center about a twenty minute walk away. At the REC I planned lifting a little, but I just played basketball from 2:00 PM till 4:00 PM. The fact that I was running around and sweating made me feel like the fun happy person that I was before I was injured back in June. This sparked life back into me that had not been lost, but concealed. After my workout I got back to my dorm about an hour early, where I found the people on my floor playing the Xbox 360. I decided to join and watch as the numbers of people grew as kids returned back from their free time. When everyone finally did return from free time, it was time to head to the nine inning long baseball game. 

The MINOR LEAGUE baseball game was packed with people. The game was super long because I usually don't watch baseball, and I find it boring on TV. But attending a game was a little different as everyone was chill, having fun yelling, and doing the wave. This whole day just created a college weekend atmosphere that was laid back and friendly as we hung out with friends, acted a little wild, and did what we want with limited supervision. College weekends I think I can do a little more often.

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