Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Everyone Has There Struggles

Today was not my day. Today was the regular rise and shine, with getting dressed and going to the cafeteria. I ate a smaller portioned sized meal today, with a lot more fruit. It's time to get back in football mood. So today I walked around with a very positive mindset thinking nothing can change the way I'm feeling. I was wrong. After I ate breakfast I went to class where I upset with the project we were doing. The project was to build a pin camera, which I had no idea how to do, and little instructions how to make this project.

The first part of our project was to take this peace of Styrofoam and trace out our camera parts, which wasn't hard to follow. But it was hard to do with a blade the size of a razor, and it kept falling out of its holder utensil. This made for a very irritating hour and thirty minute long process. Then you have to remember that I'm in sweaty jeans that the sun has boiled for the beginning hours of the day. So after my hour and some change were up, our teacher aid Hakeem took the other half of the class to the laser lab. This made me happy, because I finally got a chance to get away from my struggles. 

When we got to the room I was excited to work with the lasers, because my teacher said we would be actually using the lasers ourselves. Instead though we watched as the lab student adjusted the laser to make its width change. Then we kind of just pointed it at a piece of metal for the next hour, no cutting, no burning, and no nothing. The next thing we did was talk about colleges, (Well I listened, and the questions were referred to the seniors) this was the most interesting part to a very disappointing laser lab visit. We discussed mainly UC schools (California Universities.) I noticed that most people on the east coast want to go out west and that it's the exact opposite for kids on the west coast. I noticed this because Adam from Georgetown said that the majority of Georgetown students are from California. This was ridiculous in my mind, because it's so true when you think about it. Well besides that everyone in the class wanted to go to UC Berkeley. The school in my town's backyard everyone wanted to go to, but what everyone didn't quite understand was that Berkeley is one of the hardest schools in the country to get in to.

After our discussion and our opinion sharing time we went back to class where I struggled with this handmade camera for another hour. After an hour I had gotten nowhere at all with my class assignment. When I looked around I noticed that everyone's camera was starting to really look like a camera, then I thought to myself that maybe I was having trouble because I was working with tape. After considering my own problems I went to lunch with one thing on my mind and one thing only, and this was how I am going to fix this camera. As I ate my mind was blank. No thinking, no ideas springing up, no brain blasts, nothing at all crossed my mind on how to fix this camera. Before returning to our cameras after lunch we had a field trip to this MRI building mot to far from the cafeteria. So we went inside the building and walked up stairs, and sat in this presentation room. In this room this man explained to us how the machine works, and how it scans the body layer by layer of tissue, muscle, and bone. He then instructed us to take off any metal objects and put them on the table and leave them in the room. When we went down stairs we seen why we were asked to leave all metal objects up stairs, and it was because this gigantic MRI machine had a magnet strong enough to pull a small metal roll cart to its million dollar metal walls.

This was ridiculous how strong the magnet was. Then the guide explained to us that building was constructed around this multi-million dollar machine. Then he asked us to close the door as he gave a brain scan watched over by his boss. It was funny to hear the teacher make fun of the man's brain and how it looks lopsided. Well after the brain scan was covered we got all of our stuff and went back to the class. The rest of the day was spent finishing our cameras for tomorrow. My camera gave me serious problems for two hours trying to put the film in to these two little slots. Eventually I got that done then I had trouble with making the film rotate with the pin. The pin just kept letting the film go every time I would tighten or rotate the stick. That process took the rest of the class time and I still couldn't fix it. When class got out I went to step practice right after I got dressed in some shorts. After a mood enlightening practice I went to dinner where things got a little better as they served peach cobbler. Even though the peach cobbler was cold it still made my mood completely change around making my mouth dance with sweet flavor. 

Just when I put my tray away I walked into the lobby and seen thunder storms which meant I couldn't get to my workout attire. This meant that I wouldn't be able to use my hour of free time to work out like I had really hoped. This was a big disappointment as waited in the lobby for the rain and thunder to lighten up just a little so the proctors could let us out and go to our rooms where I would spend the rest of the night thinking and hoping for a better outcome tomorrow that only I can control.

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