Sunday, July 14, 2013

Boots, Horses, and Guitars

I was too tired to wake up early so I took advantage of the non-busy morning to sleep in a little. Unfortunately my roommate was up and early causing me to be in and out of sleep. We had free time from 10 AM to 12 PM today so I used that time to do laundry. I was expecting everyone to be out and exploring and not doing laundry. Sadly all the machines were taken so I had to quickly claim one ahead of time. It was just chaos in the laundry room with everyone trying to wash and dry their things. Thomas came down to do his laundry too but after seeing the throng of people he just left. After about half an hour of waiting I finally had my turn and my laundry was finished just in time for lunch.

This thing was playing country music!
Lunch came and went quickly and it was time for our "tour" of downtown Nashville. We all loaded ourselves into a bus and it took us to Centennial Park. The park had this short wall that act as the border of the park, it facts about Nashville engraved on it. Parallel to the wall was pillars of the timeline which dated back to one billion years ago. The top of the part had a super detailed and gigantic map of Nashville, around the big map were stone slabs with smaller maps that show everything from building type to bus line. Nearby there was a bunch of geysers with children running through them. With the hot southern weather I was very tempted to just join the kids. As we were walking towards the downtown area, I just started hearing country music out of nowhere. Looking around I saw that it was coming from what I thought was an electrical box. Our first task was to go to Boot Country and put on some 'rootin tootin' cowboy attire. As we headed to the boot store, I can hear country music playing from EVERYWHERE. Every store or eatery had a guitar, farm animal, or boot theme. I saw about four boot stores on the same block! After the boot place, our next task was to go to Mike's Ice Cream and find out from what movie had a scene filmed in there. We all took the opportunity to get some nice cold ice cream while we were there. Apparently the movie that was filmed there was called The Coal Miner's Daughter. Unfortunately we did not get to go anywhere else after that because we had to get abck to the bus. Our proctor lead us to the worng meeting area so we all had to run to the correct one which was about 20 minutes of walking distance away. I was hoping to see more of the downtown area because all we did was walk.
I had some free time before dinner so I used it to do a little reading and watch some news. I ended up falling asleep after a while because I was pretty tired from the ealier adventure. After dinner our proctors held seminars to talk to us about college. There were three different one and we had to attend two of them. The seminars were " First Year Challenges and Triumps", "Instututional Diversity", and " Beyond the B.S."  I attended the first and last sseminar. I chose those particular one because I wanted to hear about the experience of the college students in their first year. I was gald I chose this one because I got a lot from it. They all said that it was really hard transitioning in to college and some of them were 'railroaded' by the courses they were taking. They also gave us advice on how to handle our classes so that we won't get overwhelm. I chosed other seminar because I wanted to see the different pathway available after earning your B.S. even though I already have mine figured out. For me there is really not much else I want to pursue other than medical school and it was definitely nice to know that there are a lot out there if I ever changed my mine (highly unlikely). After the seminars I went back to my room and pulled out the pamphlet I got from Georgetown. Ever since I been there I have been rereading the pamphlet and reminding myself that I have to keep it pushing so that I can get accepted. Earlier hearing about how some proctors did not get into the school they wanted, I though about how I would felt if I don't get accepted into Georgetown. I would be heart broken. But I know that I would end up loving where ever I go no matter what. 

Tomorrow begins a new week and I will soon get my OR experience. I'm so excited!

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