Friday, July 26, 2013

In The End

I was so excited to start my day. It's finally my turn to see the operating rooms! Scrubs are so awesome to wear though they are a bit big for me. I had to pull the pant part all the way past my belly button so I don't step on it. We all made it to class on time and went with Jon to the post-operation area. It's an area where newly operated patients go to recover from their anesthesia. 

We meet up with Dr. James Blair who is an anesthesiologist. With me was Emily and Precious so we had to wait for two more doctors to show up. Dr. Blair decided that I should go with him because of my interest in internal medicine. So Dr. Blair is a 66 year old man who started medical school when he was 33, he recommends that I don't do that. Usually Dr. Blair is involved in neurosurgery but today was a weird Thursday. He started off telling me about the OR. So the area we were in had 35 operating rooms and it is part of the heart of the hospital. In addition to that there are about 15 more OR all around the hospital for various specialties. In most hospitals the OR is the theoretical center but since the Vanderbilt Hospital is so large and it has so many specialized centers this OR is only part of it.

The first patient we saw was a lady who had a hardware removed from her foot and was recovering. She wasn't reacting too well to the post-anesthetic effects so Dr. Blair gave her some medicines. Even though it has only been five minutes, the experience was amazing. See how the doctor and the nurse list the names of drugs and how much to prescribe was pretty cool. He how the patient was feeling and immediately gave her something that would make her better. Then our next stop was with a man whose thumb has been crushed by a truck. He asks the guy some question about his medical history and how he was feeling. The way he talked to the patient was so light and it lifts the heavy mood in the room. The doctor ease into questions so that the patient could tell him about himself and Dr. Blair would still get the info he needs. Then Dr. Blair's residence came in to do a pre - op exam on the patient and assess how he would handle things. While that was going on we went to an OR that was operating on another one of Dr. Blair's patient. As we walked toward the room we were stopped several times by surgeons asking Dr. Blair to get me a cap for my hair. Everyone was wearing one and it was required for going into an OR. By the time we got to the OR they were almost finished with closing the patient up. For a brief moment I got to see a surgeon sewing up the incision, I was amazed. He worked with such precision and it seemed like the instruments were a part of him. But then again after 6-8 years of residency, he has probably gotten plenty of practice. Another thing that I noticed was that the OR was so bright and cheery. They were playing rap music really loudly when we walked in. As we walked around to check on his patients, Dr. Blair told me about Ignaz Semmelweis who is the father of antiseptic. He discovered that patient would not get infected if the doctors washed their hands after each patient. At VH, there is a foam dispenser every five feet, literally. Every time we went into a room we from, if we went out we foam, and if we touched something, we foam. I think I have used more sanitizer in the span of three hours than I would have in a month. I got to watch a full operation preparation process of a man who needed his C3-C8 of his spine fixed. So they knock him out with a cocktail of drugs before propping him into place. They also incubated his throat and hook him up to a ventilator. I also saw that they used tape like there is no tomorrow to secure his shoulder, tape things down, and various other things. Unfortunately we had to leave before I got to see them cut him open (I say that in the nicest way possible). For our last stop we head on over to the guy with the crushed thumb. The surgeon was taking a live x-ray of it and I saw so many fractures. He also said that they were so closed to amputate it. While Dr. Blair talked to another doctor in the room about the drugs they were giving the patient, I just watched as the surgeon pick at the patient's thumb. It has to be one of the coolest things that I have ever seen. No, it is the coolest thing that I have EVER seen. Unfortunately that also didn't last for too long before we had to leave. While we were walking around the OR we saw a live video of an aortic graphing. Again the surgeon's suture were so identical and beautifully spaced. I stood on my toes to look into the OR room where the surgery was happening. Dr. Blair explained to me what was happening. So since they had to clamp the patient's aorta shut they had to hook him up to a bypass machine to keep his blood flowing. Sadly, before I knew it Jon had come to pick us up. Being given a chance to explore the OR today definitely opened up my interest to maybe do something that involves the OR. This shadowing definitely motivated me to not only look for more shadowing for myself but also for my fellow classmates who are interested. 

Our afternoon 'class' wasn't really a class because we spend most of it giving feedback. When we started the class Mary had asked us to make a concept map for obesity with what we knew. This time she asked us to do the same to see if we have truly learned and gained from the class. Before we went outside Jon, Mary and Jake went up to give us superlatives. I was given " Most likely to make your day" and I felt so special. One person received " Most likely to turn her patient into alcoholic" because she recommended that her patient (during CELA) drink some wine. Jon then gave us a very touching speech on how we all went beyond what he expected and how much we inspired him. After that we all went outside to do the feedbacks. Our group leader asked each one of us to individually go up and talked to them. When it was my turn to go talk to Jake I went up. I told him that the Med School 101 class that they created is just amazing. I wouldn't change it for the world. Jake asked me if I liked the class because I was really quiet throughout the course and I looked bored. I told him that it was just the expression I make when my mind is blown and I'm speechless. I loved the class with all my heart and I even asked Jake if I could take what I learned and share it with my school's Health Academy. He said that it was totally cool. He also told me that I was a very good student.

After class we had a closing ceremony where we cheered and recognize all the people that made the program possible. At the end we gave our instructors hugs and said our last goodbyes. They truly have been some of the best teachers that I have ever had. I wished them luck with their plans for the future and I know they will excel in the medical field. Thank you so much #BestInstructorJake, #HailMary, and #PapaJon.

Our day ends with a Decade Dance where you choose a decade to dress up in. As usual the dance was amazing and I had fun taking silly picture with my friends. The night ended in tears for some girls as it is our last night together. 

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