Thursday, July 11, 2013

Happy But Not Satisfied

Today was a better day than yesterday's frustration filled day. Today I began with a nice breakfast with the mindset that nothing was going to stop me from enjoying today. True enough nothing really stopped me from enjoying today, because you have to shrug off the little things in life and that's just something I learned over the years growing up with many older brothers. We went to class with one thing on the teacher's mind to do and that was to finish the cameras, but the one thing on my mind was to throw away my camera. This camera was really a problem for me and I was ready to give up on it, but then my teacher gave me a little help and something clicked for my hands. Things started to come together as one, and within thirty minutes I was finished. After everyone else in the class had started on the scavenger hunt.

The scavenger hunt was a team activity for a group of three people. My group was fun, but we never could tell if we were actually taking pictures. I even chased some of the items on our list, because I wasn't sure if I had actually caught the picture. The hardest "Picture" to take was one of this chipmunk. I spent ten minutes chasing this chipmunk around as he ran from bush to bush on me, then my teammates didn't even help me they just kind of watched and laughed as I chased the chipmunk. After ten minutes I gave up on the chipmunk, and all of a sudden the chipmunk comes running out of the bush like he was toying with me. I let him run because I said to myself I'm not going to keep chasing you if you're going to keep running under bushes as I get ready to take pictures. I left the chipmunk and on my way back to class I thought what if I had yelled out ALVIN! Like in the movie Alvin and the Chipmunks when Alvin gets in trouble. Well I got back upstairs after taking a sketchy elevator ride to the eighth floor with more than sixteen people in a 3000 pound weight limit elevator that was already having trouble caring two people. 

When in class we had one more thing to do with our cameras before being finished with them forever. This was to take out the film canister so it can be developed overnight at the local Walgreen. After we got done with the film removing a guest speaker came in, and we discussed a little about this powder and how it helps rebuild tissues of the body. We even discussed how much the army invested in it, because they want to see if can rebuild whole limbs. The reason they invested in this product is because the man who discovered it had used it on his chopped off fingertip, which grew back functioning with a nail and all. This led to the theory that it could possibly work on entire limbs, and the army was willing to take advantage of this product. In all honesty I thought there could be no way this was possible, but then I began to think of how cells work to seal up a cut, then I knew the product worked to some extent. Maybe it wasn't working for something as extreme as a limb, but it works. Just as we got done with this topic the teacher had to run us out the classroom, because it was lunch. 

When we got back form lunch we got right into a lecture about silver. The lecture was on how this man had started to eat silver trying to get rid of his sickness. He wasn't wrong with his idea because silver kills all little bacteria and germs for some reason which is why doctors use silver utensils when performing surgery, but he went about it the wrong way by ingesting it. The ingesting of the silver caused him to actually turn a silver tent believe it or not. This caused him to get really sick and die because the silver basically killed the man's insides. After the lecture we started mixing liquids, and turned liquid silver into a dark yellow like apple juice color. Next we turned gold into a purple Kool Aid substance, but we all got side tracked by the thunderstorms that had prevented everyone from having their roam the city night last night. We looked outside the classroom window and it was poring outside with rain. Eventually the rain stopped after two hours which allowed us to walk to our elective class and for some run. 

In my elective class we went over our act for tomorrow's performance. This was extremely confusing with everything learned in only five days. Well I left that class dripping with sweat and made my way to the Commons exercise room. I finally got a chance to work out after about a month of being injured, and it felt great just to sweat from hard work and not from just sitting down. After my forty-five minute workout session I went to dinner not smelling or funky. I ate a dinner that was like the American fast food chains all in one place. For some reason the dinner wasn't that special tonight, but that was fine because it wasn't usual for the cafeteria to have a bunch of unhealthy food. After dinner I found myself jogging a half of a mile in the exercise room. As for the rest of the night I prepared myself mentally for a busy day tomorrow.

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