Monday, July 1, 2013

Here We Go

It is finally time, in a few short hours my journey to the east coast will finally begin. Words cannot describe how excited I am. My heart raced at the thought of what possibilities await. It felt like yesterday when I was counting down the weeks until this trip and now that it's finally here, time seem to want to slowly torture me with the wait. For the past few hours I have been running around my house like a headless chicken checking and making sure that I have everything I need.

As I packed my things and prepared for the trip, I thought back to the beginning of the application process and realize how far I have gone. I recalled sitting in the room inside of my school's library, waiting for the panel's decision and thinking of the worst. Back then I was always having battles with my inner negativity but after all the inspiring ILC events I have been to, I can't help but feel more confident. I cannot wait to for this trip to begin and continue to go further and head straight towards my goals

There are so many things to look forward to for this trip but I especially cannot wait to explore Washington DC and shadow doctors at Vanderbilt. Visiting our nation's capitol has been a wish of mine since a long time, I wanted to see the place where changes to our country are made. Being able to shadow a doctor at my age is an opportunity that can only be compared to discovering diamonds. Only people with connections are given the chance and I got my chance thanks to the Ivy League Connection. We will also be doing many other activities such as touring the University of Pennsylvania, Columbia, and Georgetown University, visiting the different museums and memorials (Holocaust Museum, Air and Space Museum, Spy Museum and other) in DC, and taking our course at Vanderbilt.

Taking the course Med School 101 will be like a dream come true. I remember how Don told me that my chances of getting this course are slim and how happy I was when the program informed me that I got it. Being a student that is pursuing the health field, I tend to jump at any chance to get involved in it and Med School 101 is just the biggest, juiciest cherry on top of the sundae. I will not only be learning about practicing as a doctor but also the ethics that comes with it. Being able to use state of the art machines and simulations and taking real life situation tests will be so exciting and beneficial. I cannot thanks the ILC enough for this opportunity.

I'm so excited for this trip that I don't even know if I can go to sleep tonight. Of course I will try to because i want to stay awake to take in the whole experience and not miss a single second. Okay east coast, here I come!

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  1. I hope you recall, too, Loan, that my apprehension about you getting into Med School 101 had nothing to do with your qualifications. It had EVERYTHING to do with Vanderbilt’s predilection for reserving space in their #1 course for some of their local friends. You might also recall how I encouraged you to apply and give it your best. I’ve always had faith in you, Loan.