Monday, July 1, 2013

My Time Has Come

On July the first 2013, I, Keli'i Rubin, received a dose of reality, as I prepared for my trip which is less than a few hours away. The dose of reality really hit me hard as I flew around town and gathered up last minute items for the trip to the east coast. The reality of the situation was that my cohorts and I are going to fly all the way to the other side of the country to go to college, and travel for three weeks in a foreign land I have only heard and dreamed of  my whole life to see. This foreign land is set up for me to explore and take in with every breath I breath.

I mean really, who would have thought that the trip would come this fast. It feels just like yesterday we were going through the interview process in our school's library waiting, sweating in our seats for the conclusion on who made it into the program. It just so happened that I was blessed enough and lucky enough to be apart of a program that I never would have heard of if it wasn't for my school's college fair my freshmen year. Also, I have to give a lot of credit to Forensics Speech and Debate for dramatically improving my public and professional speaking ability. 

With this opportunity I plan to set out my idea I had from day one in my interview. I plan on giving people at my school a reason to not only go to college (which most don't consider,) but also a reason to attend college out of state and live life outside of their comfort zone. Most high school graduates tend to get comfortable where they live and are afraid to venture out to a new land, therefore they typically go to a local college, and I want to change their views on college options and choices (not speaking poorly of local colleges in any way) with my opportunity to attend a college away from home as an upcoming junior in high school. 

As I prepare to go to sleep and wake up in a few ours for my trip I'll go to sleep dreaming of the great things to come out of this opportunity, such as all the new knowledge to soak up like a sponge from my class: Principles of Engineering. The class is not the only place where knowledge will be learned, because with an opportunity like this knowledge is laying around everywhere waiting to be absorbed, and with my clock running down for my trip, I can say my time has come and lets get it started!

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  1. It’s nice, Keli’i, to read blogs from someone who gets it--and you do. You’re going to do great on this trip and when you return I suspect that they’ll have a tough time keeping you quiet.